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At Point Family Dentistry, We Go Beyond Your Smile

As dentists in Bloomington MN, we are focused on comprehensive, expert care that starts with your smile, but impacts your overall health. We dedicate our lives to continued education to provide you with a longer, healthier life. Call our Bloomington Dentist Today at (952) 236-1293 for your Appointment

  • "I’m unhappy with my smile."

    Look and feel amazing with our treatment options.

  • "I'm nervous about visiting the dentist."

    We provide a variety of comforts to make your visit anxiety-free.

  • "I’m looking for a new dentist."

    Our FREE eBook can help you choose the right dentist.

Are you embarrassed with your smile? Do you worry about how it is affecting your overall health? Our caring Minneapolis area dentists understand that being dissatisfied with your smile can have a real effect on your confidence and even your lifestyle. What’s more is your smile could even be pointing to more severe issues, damaging your overall health.

But what are your options? Is there a solution that's best for you?

At Point Family Dentistry, we understand dental work can be overwhelming because of the vast number of methods and treatments available - where do you even start?

Your dental experience doesn’t need to be complicated or stressful. Our approachable team is here to listen to your needs and provide you with the ideal recommendation with no strings attached.

So, if you would like to discuss your smile or what concerns you have, then call us and we will help you find the best and most cost effective options for you.

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Firstly, rest assured you are not alone in being apprehensive about visiting the dentist. Millions of people skip dental visits due to anxiety or fear developed from bad experiences or dental stigma.

The great news is this doesn’t need to be a concern when you visit Point Family Dentistry. Our office provides a relaxing, stress-free environment with the latest in modern technology and comforts, including massage treatment chairs, refreshments, neck pillows, and warm blankets.

What’s more is you can even sleep through your treatment with our safe and comfortable sedation dentistry options. Our trained specialists will explain how each option works and what is ideal for your needs.

Our experienced team empathizes with those who suffer from dental anxiety, so please call us today to discuss how we can make your visit a pleasant one.

Get Anxiety-free dentistry

Choosing a new dentist can be one of the most important decisions to make for you and your family. It impacts the health and well-being of each individual.

Our Point Family dentists want you to make a well-informed decision you are 100% comfortable with. That is why we are offering a FREE downloadable eBook to help you identify a cosmetic dentist who meets your expectations.

In this download, you will discover what to look for in a cosmetic dentist and what to avoid. The eBook highlights:

  • - Comprehensive exams
  • - The balance between art and science
  • - The importance of before and after photos
  • - The meaning of a good dental experience

Download our eBook today to discover what to look for in a cosmetic dentist.

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