Community Matters to Us

Our community and patients are a part of our family, and we love to see their smiles grow with health, confidence, and beauty.

Bloomington and Beyond

Serving the surrounding communities with the utmost care.

In the Community

Being active in the local community is essential to us at Point Family Dentistry. It is our wish to inform and educate our patients in how to maintain their wonderful smiles and overall health.

Our extraordinary team does this through educational materials, radio shows, and, of course, high-class dentistry.


Community Showcase

Check out our community involvement and case studies.

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Burnsville - Expert Dental Care

Corky came to us seeking dental care in the Burnsville area with a porcelain crown fused to metal that had lost its attractiveness over time. We replaced it with a 3M Dental LAVA all-ceramic crown for superior esthetics, function, and durability.


Lakeville - High Quality Dentistry for Superlative Results

Jessica was looking for some high-quality dentistry near Lakeville and decided we fit the bill nicely. Due to severely worn dentition, we provided single arch reconstruction with porcelain fused to metal crowns for a younger, fresher smile.


Savage - Your Caring Local Dentist

Daisy needed a dentist in the Savage area who could provide pediatric partial dentures for congenitally missing teeth. We take great pride and satisfaction in the pretty smile we were able to provide for our adorable Daisy.


Richfield - Dental Care That Brings Confidence and Smiles

Pat was in definite need of full arch reconstruction and was able to find the dental care required near Richfield, MN at our office. Now she can smile with confidence because of her beautiful new set of teeth.

bloomington mn dentist

Chanhassen - A Dentist Worth Travelling For

Ashley needed extensive work done and traveled all the way from Arizona to get our help. After connective tissue grafts, Atlantis zirconium implant abutments, and 3M LAVA all-ceramic crowns, she loves her new smile and urges anyone looking for a dentist in Chanhassen and other areas near Bloomington, MN to get the same care she enjoyed in our office.


Prior Lake - Juvederm Treatments

Tessa came to her dentist near Prior Lake for a Juvederm treatment on her lips. She wanted to rejuvenate her smile that is what happened. The before and after photos speak from themselves.


Shakopee - Effective Treatments From an Expert Dentist

Lisa felt her appearance could be improved with a simple and effective treatment from her Shakopee area dentist. One treatment of Juvederm Ultraplus and Botox to the lips and nasal labial folds and everyone is very happy with the results!


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