3 Keys to Happy Dentures in Bloomington MN

Dentures Bloomington MN Losing your natural teeth as a result of periodontal disease, tooth decay or injury can be traumatic! Expertly designed dentures have assisted Bloomington MN residents to make this transition a pleasing and comfortable one. Who can help?

At the clinic of Dr. Isaacson, dental implants are offered to those who are suitable candidates. Anchoring a denture to one of these can provide the stabilizing support you’re looking for. However, if dental implants are not for you, be assured Dr. Isaacson has the experience necessary to provide you with the highest quality dentures. Here are 3 keys to having a positive denture experience:

Don’t procrastinate: Replacing missing teeth prevents facial muscles from sagging, and will assist you greatly with eating and speaking. Dentures designed by Dr. Isaacson will help this transition take place more comfortably!

Realistic expectations: Do you wonder what dentures will feel like? As you might imagine, they can feel awkward for a few weeks while the muscles of your cheek and tongue learn to keep them in place. It’s not unusual for new denture wearers to experience some minor irritation or soreness during this time. Rest assured, as your mouth acquaints itself to your new teeth, these problems diminish.

Diligent care: Be conscious not to drop them even a few inches. Brush dentures daily with a soft bristle brush to remove food deposits and plaque. Note; it’s important to continue caring for your oral health by brushing your gums, tongue and palate each morning before inserting dentures. This stimulates circulation within gum tissues and reduces the bacteria causing bad breath.

Whether you choose dental implants or dentures in Bloomington MN is proud to present Point Family Dentistry; helping patients in re-discovering their best smile!

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