Anesthetic Nasal Spray may soon replace the Needle!

A sniff of local anestheisa could soon replace the needle as the anestetic delivery system of choice during your dental procedures. Scientits at Regions Hospital in St. Paul Minnesota reported that lodicain or Xylocain when sprayed into the nose traveled down the trigeminal nerve(brings feeling to the face, nose, and mouth) it then collects in the teeth, jaws and mouth at levels 20 times higher than the blood or brain.- therefore perhaps yielding a more effective method for treating dental pain, anxiety, trigeminal neuralgia, migraines, and other conditions.
These scientist also discovered an improved future location to administer anesthetic- the maxillary sinus. Delivery into this confined space could be the next generation approach beyond a nasal spray in providing a more rapid and focused delivery of anesthetic.

Molecular Pharmaceutics, the American Chemical Society’s bimonthly journal

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