Cold Sore Laser Treatments With Minneapolis Dental Care

If left untreated, a cold sore can hang around for two weeks or longer. That seems like a long time to put up with the pain and embarrassment that make these sores such a nuisance. Minneapolis dental care by Dr. Isaacson uses laser dental treatments to improve the healing of cold sores.

To achieve maximum results, cold sore therapy using laser treatment should be completed within the first three days of symptoms. Typically, once the procedure is complete, the cold sore will disappear altogether within about 3-4 days. Treatment time is short– around 5 minutes, and virtually pain free!

We love being able to provide our patients with advanced dental tools and services, such as laser dentistry. We don’t limit the laser use to cold sores. You might also see us use this high-tech tool to detect caries and decay at their earliest stages to ensure the best treatment outcomes. It’s also a great tool for periodontal treatments, reaching deep into the periodontal pockets. Cosmetic procedures, like gum contouring, are also simplified by using dental lasers.

For more information about laser dentistry and the services we offer at Point Family Dentistry & Orthodontics, visit our website! To schedule your quality Minneapolis dental care exam with one of our skilled dentists, call today!

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