Cosmetic Dentistry can Smooth Minneapolis Frown Lines

Three women with bright smiles thanks to cosmetic dentistry for MinneapolisAre genetics, age and your lifestyle catching up with you quicker than you’d bargained for? Cosmetic dentistry offers Minneapolis residents an exciting aid to smooth away life’s little imprints. What is it?

Point Family Dentistry offers a purified protein that can temporarily reduce lines caused by the overexpression of certain muscles. Frown lines and crow’s feet can be greatly minimized by blocking the signals between the nerves and the Botox injected muscles, giving such line-inducing muscles a rest.

Within two or three days you will begin to see a marked improvement as lines begin to appear smoother. This progressive improvement will continue for up to a month and then hold for as long as four.

Who better understands the intricate neuromuscular makeup of your face than our specially trained Dr. Isaacson? With years of experience in administering local anesthetic and Botox, this dentist has a perfectly refined injection technique.

Will it be painful? The needle is so small that any discomfort during the treatment of Botox will be minimal, leaving you free to get on with your everyday tasks.

Fear not, our cosmetic dentistry offers Minneapolis patients the ability to reduce lines without donning expressionless masks instead of facial features. Make the call today!

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