Cosmetic Dentists Assist Minneapolis by Learning from the Best to Be the Best!

Cosmetic Dentists Minneapolis Dental school supplies the first important building blocks to create a practice’s foundation. Drs. Isaacson, cosmetic dentists serving Minneapolis and the surrounding areas, are quick to admit however that this is merely the first step. From there, a dentist must constantly follow-up with continuous training. This enables them to understand and utilize the modern techniques and tools forever emerging in their field. Passionately pursuing this advancement in education benefits patients and dentists alike!

Point Family Dentistry is dedicated to keeping abreast of the latest developments through top-quality training at the LVI teaching institute. It is the largest, most comprehensive post-Doctoral educational facility available. Why not learn from the best in the field?

Consequently, February 15-17, 2012 found Dr. Tim Isaacson, along with his Assistant, Hygienists and the Orthodontic Treatment Coordinator, studiously participating in Core I training. What is the significance of this?

This exciting hands-on program was held at the aforementioned prestigious LVI center in Las Vegas. Core I instructs on Advanced Functional Dentistry and is intent on training dental professionals how to evaluate relevant cases. When it’s been determined that advanced restorative dentistry would be beneficial, it shows how to explain it in real terms to patients.

Dr. Isaacson and his enthusiastic team were readily able to see how increasing their level of comprehensive care to an even higher degree presents an increased opportunity to change lives!

Therefore, without reservation, Point Family Dentistry proudly advertises “highly qualified cosmetic dentists” to Minneapolis residents! Arrange your consult today with the best in the business!

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