Dental Care for Bloomington MN area Residents suffering from TMJ!

Dental Care Bloomington MN Do you know if your jaws resting position is as it should be? The dental care of Bloomington MN area residents is our business at Point Family Dentistry, and we endeavor to bring enlightenment to all those suffering with TMJ or other jaw related disorders.

How do we do this? Our dedicated team at Point Family Dentistry makes it a priority to stay up-to-date with the latest in dental technology. It was a privilege therefore to participate November 13-14, 2011 in a hands-on training seminar regarding “Computer-Aided Occlusal Evaluation”, held in Las Vegas. How does this translate into something that actually benefits you?

First, understand this: The rest position for a jaw exists when your upper and lower teeth are not touching; there should be an air space of one or two millimeters between. This position permits opening and closing jaw muscles on both sides of your head to remain at a full resting length. Except for those minutes spent speaking, eating or swallowing, you should be able to maintain this position of true rest with ease.

Problems occur when the resting distance between the upper and lower teeth no longer hold at the one to two millimeter mark. This keeps your jaw muscles in a constant state of work, not rest – resulting in muscle fatigue, dysfunction or spasm. Numerous dental health issues can result.

At Point Family Dentistry, we’ve received a comprehensive understanding regarding how to best use the technology now available for diagnosing your particular TMD (TMJ) dysfunction and in selecting the best treatment course. The dental care of our Bloomington MN neighbors is of utmost importance to us, so please call today and share with us your dental concerns!

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