Dentists in Bloomington MN Share 5 Ways Hormones Put Oral Health at Risk

Women guard their oral health with dentists in Bloomington MNStatistics show that women are more diligent in caring for their oral health than men are. But dentists in Bloomington MN are also aware that women encounter unique factors that can actually make them more susceptible to oral health problems. Throughout the course of a woman’s life, there are times when hormones can fluctuate significantly.

Studies show that these hormones can affect the supply of blood traveling to the gum tissue, as well as the mouth’s ability to defend itself against bacteria that cause periodontal disease and plaque buildup. Note 5 specific hormonal stages in a woman’s life where oral health can be particularly at risk:

  • Going through puberty
  • Monthly menstruation — menstruation gingivitis
  • Taking some kinds of birth control pills containing progesterone
  • Being pregnant — pregnancy gingivitis that can have effects on both mother and child
  • Menopause

Maintaining oral health is a challenge in itself, but during these stages, it’s vital that women pay particular attention to keeping teeth and gums sound and problem free. Please contact us at Point Family Dentistry today to learn more about practicing good oral hygiene. Our premier dentists in Bloomington MN will assist you in maintaining a beautiful, healthy set of pearly whites — no matter what phase of life you find yourself in.

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