Dentists of Minneapolis Trained to Care about Details

Dentists of Minneapolis at the Las Vegas InstituteTo you, it’s simple: you need a “filling” or “crown” to restore healthy function to your problematic tooth. Those dentists of Minneapolis truly concerned about providing the best to patients must consider it from a far more complex angle however.

What adhesive technique or bonding material is best for this particular circumstance? Am I taking into account shrinkage? Can this material maintain a lasting seal against bacteria? Due to its location, can it sustain the bite-pressure? Is it balancing the restorative needs with the aesthetic? These are just a sampling of questions dentists like Dr. Isaacson must consider prior to recommending a treatment.

Committed to staying abreast of the latest training and technology available in the field of adhesive dentistry, Point Family Dentistry recently invested in a four-day training course focused on this very subject.

Direct and indirect restorations, materials science and choices, and the principles of adhesion were all covered in depth via a recognized authority in the field. Such training assisted our dental team in rediscovering how to provide exceptional aesthetic restorative dentistry without inducing dental sensitivity.

Whether your restoration includes direct resin or aesthetic inlays/onlays, metal-free crowns and bridges, posterior composite restorations, treating cracked teeth or those having undergone a root canal, our dentists for Minneapolis know just what to do! Receive the best care possible by arranging your visit today!

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