Do Veneers Respond to Teeth Whitening? Bloomington MN Dentist Enlightens

Teeth Whitening Bloomington MN Porcelain veneers are beautiful. So are white teeth. If you want to bleach your teeth, how will it affect your veneers? Teeth whitening in Bloomington MN is gaining popularity, and with good reason. But few have a clear understanding of how the whitening process should work.

If you’re not thrilled about the color of your teeth, it’s always suggested whitening should precede any placement of porcelain veneers. Then the veneers will be color matched to your new preferred shade of white. If you attempt to do this in the reverse order, the story isn’t so simple.

Tooth whitening only works on natural teeth and won’t color affect your crowns, bridges, veneers or other dental work. This means if you take your natural teeth to a lighter, whiter shade and expect your veneers magically to match you’ll be disappointed. They will remain unchanged. What are your options in this situation? It may be a good time to update your dental work in order to receive a color shade more pleasing to you.

The American Dental Association warns that by applying whitening agents without the guidance of a dental professional you risk damaging both your teeth and gums. Dr. Isaacson can attest to this and wishes to save you from a whitening nightmare. If you’re considering teeth whitening, visit our Bloomington MN dental office today and have a successful whitening experience!

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