Do you have a Gluten Allergy or Celiac Disease? Our MN dentist may have the anwer

What is Gluten: Type of protein that exists in wheat, barley, rye and other carbohydrates.  Think of gluten as a glue like substance that gives the chewiness to wheat and other products.

Gluten is detrimental to the one in 200 people who are estimated to have Celiac disease.

You may not be aware of how many products actually contain gluten.  Latex and rubber gloves are usually dusted with wheat or oat flour.  It is also present in many personal items such as lip balm, soaps, skin lotion, toothpaste(except Colgate) and mouthwash.  Medications frequently contain gluten.  Pills may be dusted with flour during manufacturing and capsules may have gluten in the oil inside.  Gluten is also found in many non food products such as self stick labels and stickers.

At Point Family Dentistry & Orthodontics we offers Plain Pumice and Flor-Opal Varnish White from Ultradent Products, Inc. for your cleanings.  We also carry Arestin which is our antibiotic for periodontal pockets which is guaranteed to be gluten free. Ask your MN Dentist, Dr. Isaacson if you still have questions.

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