Fast-Forward past Any Dental Anxiety with Your Sedation Dentist for Minneapolis

Skip Dental Anxiety with Your Sedation Dentist for MinneapolisWe’ve all dreamed of some futuristic gadget where a button is pressed, and a stressful situation is simply passed by in fast-forward. Your sedation dentist presents Minneapolis residents with the next best thing when it comes to dealing with any anxiety or stress over required dental procedures.

The facts show that some patients will avoid going to the dentist at all costs, enduring tooth pain, infection, and putting oral health at further risk — all because it’s viewed as a less stressful alternative than having dental work performed. Yet, sedation therapy is a safe, relaxing procedure that has been endorsed by the American Dental Association (ADA), and has proved highly effective in helping patients receive much needed dental assistance. It can be likened to the master key that can unlock the overwhelming phobias and anxiety associated with visiting the dentist.

Here at Point Family Dentistry, we often utilize nitrous oxide as a mild sedative, providing you with comfort and relaxation during the procedure. For those who need a deeper form of sedation, we offer oral and intravenous sedation to permit procedures that keep teeth and gums in optimum health. So regardless of whether your dental phobia stems from requiring a simple cleaning, extensive dental work or perhaps even multiple procedures, your highly-compassionate sedation dentist provides Minneapolis residents with the solution. Sit back, relax, and “fast-forward” to a healthy, happy, stress-free smile. Contact Dr. Isaacson today to learn more.

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