Green Tea: Drink Up!

At Point Family Dentistry & Orthodontics, we are honored to be able to offer superb family and cosmetic dentistry to patients from Minneapolis, including sedation dentistry for a relaxing experience. In our efforts to provide topnotch care, we work continuously to provide patients with tips and tricks for keeping their oral health in tiptop shape at home.

When it comes to maintaining good oral health, a primary concern is being able to prevent periodontal disease before it becomes severe enough to impact your general health or cause tooth loss. You probably know that proper brushing and flossing and regular checkups with your dentist are key to preventing gum disease. Now, it looks like research may have stumbled upon another great tip to taking care of your oral health– green tea!

The overall health benefits of green tea have been considered for some time now. Research has now been done on the effects of green tea consumption and its ability to prevent periodontal disease. It was found that for every one cup of green tea consumed per day, the instance of periodontal disease decreased. An antioxidant found in green tea, catechin, which has been proven to reduce inflammation in the body, is more than likely the reason why. As periodontal disease is an inflammatory disease of the mouth and gums, it only makes sense that green tea would help fight it off.

Maintaining your oral health is imperative to maintaining a healthy body. Periodontal disease has been linked to health concerns such as heart disease, and even certain cancers. If you are worried about periodontal disease, or are looking for periodontal and dental care in the Bloomington, MN area, we would be honored to help. We offer a wide range of family and cosmetic dental services for residents of Minneapolis, including sedation dentistry, to make your visit as comfortable as possible. Contact Point Family Dentistry & Orthodontics today.

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