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Patients do not always seek periodontal care they require because they are not aware of the long-term and potentially dangerous implications of untreated gum disease. If you are looking for great Bloomington Dentistry, your search is over.


Researchers found that people harboring significant amount of certain periodontal bacteria were 3x more likely to have hypertension. (Multicenter INVEST study, published in July’s Journal of Hypertension)

Researchers reported the first case in which a full-term stillbirth was associated with oral bacteria from the mother’s pregnancy-induced gingivitis. (February Issue of Obstetrics and Gynecology)

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  1. i never thought that those periodontal bacteria can cause hypertension.! It is scary..Good thing I have read your post, I am now aware of it..Thanks! I hope you could also help other people..Cheers!

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