Is it Possible to Stop Budding Wisdom Teeth?

Do you remember the days when your wisdom teeth erupted and you had to get them removed? Maybe, you know a young adult going through the same process. A study, published by NBC News, reveals the possibility of young children who receive anesthetic shots may never grow lower wisdom teeth.

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“It is intriguing to think that something as routine as local anesthesia could stop wisdom teeth from developing,” says Dr. Anthony Silvestri, who oversaw the study.

Dr. Silvestri and Jerry Swee looked over records of young patients at a pediatric clinic. They studied 439 sites in the lower jaw where wisdom teeth developed. Out of 220 patients, 63 of them had been given an injection of “lidocaine or other anesthesia” in that site. Eight percent of the children “lacked evidence of wisdom tooth buds.”

How is this possible?

“Trauma from the needle inadvertently hitting the little tooth bud is one of the possibilities,” he says. “The needle for this particular type of injection is very close to where that tooth bud forms. It is also possible that maybe it could be the anesthetic solution itself.”

While further studies need to be conducted to confirm these results, this is an amazing medical breakthrough that could potentially rid the removal of wisdom teeth.

In the meantime …[divider]

Removing your wisdom teeth is crucial to maintain a healthy smile. There is simply not enough room to keep your wisdom teeth, which leads to problems:

  • Misalignment
  • Impacted teeth
  • Infection

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What do you think? You think this study is a peek into the future of wisdom teeth?

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