Minneapolis Area Dentists Helping Prevent Breast Cancer

Observe breast cancer awareness month with Minneapolis dentistsHelping patients maintain sound oral health and spectacular smiles is what Minneapolis area dentists do best. Various studies are also making it more apparent that the benefits of healthy teeth and gums extend far beyond just the mouth. Research links the existence of periodontal disease (gum disease) with chronic health issues including diabetes, heart disease and strokes.

The Journal of Breast Cancer Research and Treatment also reports findings that now link periodontal disease with breast cancer. In a study involving over 3200 women, statistics showed that:

  • Women who had periodontal disease experienced a higher incidence of breast cancer.
  • Women who had already lost a tooth associated with periodontal disease were a staggering 11 times more likely to develop breast cancer then women without gum disease.

It is believed that the bacteria that forms when gum disease develops can suppress the body’s immune system, and can increase the likelihood of cancer. With further research and studies like this one, it is hoped that much more can be discovered to help combat these unwanted diseases. The early signs of gum disease are red, swollen gums or gums that bleed easily.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and we at Point Family Dentistry are encouraging you to please take the time to forward this vital information to all the women that you know. With the help of top quality Minneapolis area dentists like Dr. Isaacson, the prevalence of periodontal disease and other health related issues like breast cancer can be lowered. Make your health-improving appointment today!

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