Minneapolis Benefits from Periodontics Breakthrough!

Minneapolis Periodontics Is something festering beneath the surface of your gum tissue? Point Family Dentistry offers to those of Minneapolis astonishing periodontics technology that reveals not only issues but also solutions.

Studies have estimated as many as 90% of Americans suffer some form of periodontal disease or oral infection. Most remain unaware they are carriers. Gradually though, the bacterial infection will become impossible to ignore. Unfortunately, by this point irreversible damage most likely will have occurred not only to your oral health, but also quite possibly to your overall health. Is this really true?

If you have an ongoing infection in your mouth, medical science indicates a much higher risk of incurring other serious health complications, such as heart disease, diabetes or pre-term births. What you thought was just “puffy, red gums” can lead to so much more! Certain individuals are much more susceptible to oral bacterial infections because of their genetic makeup. Are you one of them?

Oral DNA testing can be done painlessly and in only a matter of minutes during your next dental appointment at Point Family Dentistry. Regular professional dental cleanings and testing are important. They allow our qualified dental staff to recommend, if necessary, a precise treatment plan individual to your specific bacterial infection, thereby helping you preserve not only your oral health but also your overall health.

Residents of Minneapolis, bring to our periodontics experts any questions you may have regarding Oral DNA testing or any other dental concern. Your health is our priority!

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