Minneapolis Dental Expert Gets a Taste of Own Medicine

Minneapolis DentalReally, who’s more likely than a dentist to meticulously maintain their oral health? Minneapolis dental professional Dr. Tim Isaacson does just that, yet discovered something alarming recently! What was it? Does it affect you?

“In spite of diligent home care and frequent re-care visits with my hygienists, I had a positive OralDNA test. The worst part was, I was positive for a red complex bacteria known as Treponema denticola…I have a family history of coronary heart disease, so it is vitally important that I treat this infection.”

What is the OralDNA test he is referring to? This is a non-invasive saliva test requiring just a simple swishing of sterile saline solution for approximately 30 seconds, easily performed during a routine check-up or cleaning appointment at Point Family Dentistry. Why is it so important?

Lab testing of this salivary DNA test can identify and measure certain bacteria in your mouth known to cause early stage gum disease. Identifying the bacteria responsible for triggering infections is invaluable in setting up effective treatment plans. It also determines if you are an individual highly susceptible to serious gum tissue infections, such as inflammatory periodontal disease. Identifying the type and concentration of specific perio-pathogenic bacteria goes far in preventing not only the demise of your oral health, but your overall health.

Are there specific symptoms to be alert to? Dr. Isaacson relates: “I was surprised that I had this infection, as I have very healthy gums, but had a few areas of bleeding and mild pocketing.”

Treatment: OralDNA testing provides a “snapshot” of previously unseen dangers, enabling a successful treatment plan to be devised. In the case of Dr. Tim Isaacson, this involved painless laser treatments by his Point Family Dentistry hygienist, followed by a course of oral antibiotics.

Your Minneapolis dental expert consequently advocates requesting OralDNA screening during your next appointment. Stamp-out dangerous infections before their mark is permanently etched on you!

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    Brushing twice a day keeps the teeth healthy and strong

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