Minneapolis Dentists: “One Step Closer to Growing a Tooth”

A mouse's tooth grows back. Get the next best thing with Minneapolis dentists.Have you ever found yourself jealous of a mouse? Our Minneapolis serving dentists are always interested in staying abreast of scientific developments and noted a relevant article in the July 18, 2012 issue of ScienceDaily entitled, “One Step Closer to Growing a Tooth”.

The Enviable Mouse: Whether you categorize mice as friend or foe, they have one enviable characteristic catching the interest of scientists today. The Institute of Biotechnology in Helsinki, Finland discovered that a mouse incisor continuously renews itself, and this growth is fueled by stem cells located at the base of its tooth. Why is this of interest to us as humans?

Discovering in these little critters’ front teeth a marker known as Sox2 and observing how those particular stem cells divide, move and give rise to enamel-forming ameloblasts as well as other cell lineages of the tooth has provided researchers with new data, not to mention inspiration. Could a greater understanding of this Sox2 marker for dental stem cells lead towards the developing of a completely bioengineered tooth for humans?

“In the future, it may be possible to grow new teeth from stem cells to replace lost ones,” says researcher Emma Juuri, a co-author of the study. What about now though?

Dental implants continue to be an outstanding, tried-and-tested alternative that won’t leave you with regrets. Our Minneapolis serving dentists at Point Family Dentistry welcome your consult and questions on this today!

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