Orthodontist in Bloomington MN Offers Invisalign

Orthodontist Bloomington MN Thanks to Dr. Isaacson, your trusted orthodontist in Bloomington MN, straightening your smile no longer calls for an unattractive solution such as sporting metal braces. In providing the high-tech choice of Invisalign, patients with teeth that are misaligned and crowded can straighten their smiles effectively and discreetly.

This amazing option proves superior to traditional braces in all aspects. Comparable in price to metal braces, Invisalign aligns your teeth virtually invisibly by using transparent plastic aligners that do not draw attention to your teeth and the fact that you are having them straightened. Instead of needing to have painful metal braces adjusted and tightened, these clear aligner trays are simply slipped over your teeth and are replaced with new ones every 2 weeks or so as your teeth get straighter and closer to your dream smile.

Invisalign aligners can be removed during eating, brushing and flossing and this helps you maintain good oral hygiene during the straightening process. Unlike the lengthy process of metal braces, Invisalign achieves results usually within 6-12 months, with most people unaware that you are even wearing the aligners.

The one aspect that people will quickly notice though is that you look spectacular with a picture-perfect smile. If you have questions about Invisalign please contact Dr. Isaacson and his team at Point Family Dentistry and Orthodontics and see if this incredible option is right for you. Yes, your orthodontist in Bloomington MN can get you and your smile where you dreamed it would be quickly, comfortably and discreetly.

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