Our Doctors bring all of their experience to meet your needs

Your mouth is under the care of our top-qualified Minneapolis dentists. Our doctors want to provide the best treatment for you and your teeth so you’ll leave the office with a beautiful, healthy smile.

Meet Dr. Timothy Isaacson: He graduated the top in his class from the University of Minnesota and even received advanced training in oral surgery. Dr. Isaacson provides great experience in a wide scope of treatments for his patients including cosmetic dentistry, oral surgery, and dental implants. If you need to restore your smile, Dr. Isaacson’s advanced training and dedication puts your mouth in great care.

Meet Dr. Dana Isaacson: He’s the father of Dr. Tim Isaacson, and has been practicing dentistry for 39 years. Dr. Dana Isaacson provides fantastic dental care and specializes in crowns and bridges, dentures, and esthetic dentistry. The family dynamic between Drs. Timothy and Dana Isaacson translates into Point Family Dentistry. When you enter the lobby of their practice, you will feel you are part of the family.

Meet Dr. Edmund Theis: Dr. Theis loves taking care of the Bloomington community because he has been a Bloomington resident himself for his entire life. He loves to stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and specializes in neuromuscular dentistry such as TMJ. If you need help getting rid of the constant migraines and excruciating pain in your facial muscles caused by TMD, Dr. Theis can take care of you.

Meet Dr. Christos Angelopoulos: Being part of roles such as the Executive Director of the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology, Dr. Angelopoulos always researches for the latest technologies. He wants you to receive the best treatment by providing you the best and modern breakthroughs in technologies and procedures.

Our Doctors can’t wait to meet you, make you a part of the family, and give you the best possible care. Please come visit us at Point Family Dentistry!

Bringing all of our experience together to meet your needs!

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