Point Family Dentistry Offers BPA Free Dental Restorative Materials

At Point Family Dentistry we care about our patients concerns regarding BPA.  We carry Diamond Lite dental composite for tooth color restorations.  This material is available upon request.  Our dental sealant material is manufactured by Ultradent Products, Inc.  They have certified that there products do not contain BPA.  The following is a link to there website and letter from their CEO Dan Fischer guaranteeing that their products are BPA free.

Dr. Dana Isaacson, Dr. Ed Theis, Dr. Timothy Isaacson, and Dr. Heather Carr can answer any questions you may have concerning BPA.

One Response to "Point Family Dentistry Offers BPA Free Dental Restorative Materials"
  1. Hockeymom12 says:

    Thanks for offering BPA free dentistry. The last dentist I saw didn’t take my concerns seriously, and didn’t know if his products contained it or not.

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