Presenting a Crowning Success in Dental Crowns for Minneapolis!

Dental Crowns MinneapolisHave you an artist’s eye for detecting even the minutest variances in color and design? A perfectionist’s drive to get it right? Dental crowns from a Minneapolis laboratory directed by Ed Vaterlaus have been utilized by Point Family Dentistry for some time now in order to provide top-quality crowns to dental patients. There they possess the necessary skills to get it right. Finally they have received public recognition for their specialized expertise after accepting the “LMT Challenge”. What type of competition was this and why were they named “Judges’ Favorite”?

A write-up following the rivalry made note of an interesting fact regarding Ed Vaterlaus’ team. “As early as round one of our competition, one of (the) judges called this ‘a classy crown.'” What separates one crown as being superior to another?

To start the competition, each team was provided with the identical case, allowing for an equal playing field. Mr. Vaterlaus directed his 2-man supporting cast model and die expert Michelle Foard and waxing and metal finisher Gerard Marks, with Ed Vaterlaus himself as head ceramist.

“All of our judges are impressed with the detailed, curving anatomy; the color transition; and the hairline metal collar,” Mr. Vaterlaus proudly recounted. His team received “the highest rating among the 16 finalists in the marginal integrity and contours categories” proving them to be a definite judges’ favorite!

Point Family Dentistry congratulates this extension of their restoration team! If you want the highest quality dental crowns Minneapolis can offer, visit our clinic today!

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