Seal Out Cavities with Your Dentist in Bloomington MN

Seal Out Cavities with Your Dentist in Bloomington MNI brush and I brush but I still end up with cavities. If you concur with these sentiments, your high-tech dentist in Bloomington provides a solution that has helped many to start winning the battle against tooth decay — sealants for teeth.

Some teeth are simply more difficult to reach and clean adequately than others are. Studies show that cavities most often occur in the teeth located at the back of the mouth, in the premolars and molars. This is because when food particles in the deep grooves of the teeth are not sufficiently removed, bacteria thrive and the risk for decay increases.

A sealant is usually applied on these deep, problematic areas of the molar’s chewing surface. This tooth-colored acrylic coating bonds directly to the tooth and hardens, “sealing out” plaque, food, harmful acids and decay-causing bacteria.

Sealants are typically used to protect children’s permanent molars after they have come in, but adults too can benefit from this highly effective method of combating tooth decay. Contact Dr. Isaacson, your trusted dentist in Bloomington MN today to see how modern options such as sealants can bolster your smile in its battle against decay.

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