Sealants for teeth

The reality of tooth decay outweighs concerns over the potentially harmful effects of residual chemical, experts say.

Dental Sealants can reduce tooth decay I children by more than 70%.  While highly effective, sealants also pose concerns; they are made with BPA.  A controversial chemical that in low doses have been associated with changes in behavior, prostate and urinary tract development and early onset puberty. 

So far experts still strongly recommend sealants based on their proven benefit and the brief exposure to BPA, which can be minimized by taking certain steps in the application process.

Tooth decay is a serious medical condition, and for some children, sealants are necessary.

If you would like to read the whole article it was Published 1.4.11 in the Star Tribune (Benefits of sealants for teeth are worth the risks)

3 Responses to "Sealants for teeth"
  1. Things like these really make us ponder our kids.

  2. Aly says:

    Sealants seem like they are very beneficial to having healthy teeth, it is too bad to hear that they are made out of what could potentially be harmful chemicals. I thought that there were many different types of sealants, but I could be thinking of a different type of covering for the teeth. I think that it is a good idea for experts to continue to support sealants especially for the children that need them and even some young adults.

  3. Dr. Isaacson says:

    I agree, we must use use materials that have a proven safety record, and are free from BPA. Even as an adult, I have sealants placed on my teeth that have deep pits and fissures. Nothing beats prevention.

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