Tips For Patients Undergoing Orthodontic Treatment

At Point Family Dentistry, our Minneapolis orthodontist in Bloomington Dr. Heather Carr wants to share some important tips for our patients currently undergoing orthodontic treatment with the use of traditional metal braces.

We want our valuable patients to benefit from a healthy, beautiful smile for life! The success of your treatment in braces depends greatly on some of your routine choices like what you eat and how you care for your teeth in braces.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind to ensure the effectiveness of your orthodontic treatment:

* Avoid eating foods that are sticky, brittle, hard or chewy. These types of food items can cause damage to your brackets, bands and wires. When your braces are broken or removed, this can affect their ability to move your teeth, possibly lengthening the duration of your time in treatment!
* Limit sugary foods and beverages. When wearing braces, your teeth are particularly susceptible to damage from acid-causing bacteria that thrive on sugar. To prevent a smile full of cavities, stay away from sugary treats.
* Keep them clean! This is going to take some extra effort, but the long-term rewards are completely worth it. Dr. Heather Carr is a Bloomington and Minneapolis orthodontist who is dedicated to your oral health, and our entire team at Point Family Dentistry can give you pointers on making effective brushing and flossing easier.

For all of your dental health needs, including options in straight teeth solutions in Minneapolis from orthodontist Heather Carr, contact Point Family Dentistry today!

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