We Use NuCalm, and So Do the Chicago Blackhawks!

Do You Know About NuCalm?

Does your dentist offer NuCalm technology? If you are looking for a more comfortable experience at the dentist, Point Family Dentistry has exactly what you need.

What Is NuCalm?

Sedation Dentistry Bloomington MN NuCalm® is a proprietary clinical system that calms the brain within minutes by bringing alert beta brain wave function down to the alpha range (first stage of sleep). NuCalm is unique because it creates deep relaxation without using narcotics or controlled substances, causes no significant side effects, and requires no recuperative time or supervision. Before NuCalm, anxious patients had two ways to cope with the anxiety induced by a healthcare procedure: chemical sedation or avoid the treatment. With NuCalm, clinicians can create a relaxed experience without doing any harm.

Chicago Blackhawks

Sedation Dentistry Bloomington MN As we all know the, 2013 Chicago Blackhawks defeated the Boston Bruins in six games to win their fifth Stanley Cup in team history.

The players use NuCalm for muscle recovery, circadian rhythm regulation, stress remediation, increased stress resilience, and peak performance.

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NuCalm at Point Family Dentistry

At Point Family Dentistry, we also offer several types of sedation dentistry here in Bloomington MN.

NuCalm organically entrains brain waves to a frequency that causes relaxation and calm. Beta brain waves (13 Hz-30 Hz) are associated with day-to-day wakefulness – mental activity consisting of cognitive, sensory and motor activities. High beta brain waves (23 Hz-40 Hz) are associated with fear and anxiety. NuCalm brings the patient’s brain waves from beta or high beta to the alpha and theta ranges (4 Hz-12 Hz). Alpha brain waves are associated with relaxation, meditation, and idleness. A patient with brain waves in the alpha range is physically unable to be anxious. NuCalm entrains the brain to the alpha range, naturally creating homeostasis, neuromuscular release, and relaxation.

NuCalm is great for anyone who’s experienced dental anxiety, or for any reason would rather not take sedatives or narcotics. Contact Point Family Dentistry today to benefit from this awesome technology!


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