Would You Discuss Your Sex Life With a Dentist?

That’s kind of a strange question to ask, right? However, this question can be the start to saving your life from oral cancer.

Since Michael Douglas’ revelation about oral sex being the cause of his oral cancer, there has been speculation whether other people could be at risk. Approximately 30 million Americans have an oral HPV infection, and most of them are not aware of it.

There are ways to detect the early signs of oral cancer before it becomes deadly. At Point Family Dentistry, we are few of many dentists near Minneapolis who test for oral cancer and oral HPV infection.

Recognized on Fox 9

Dentists MinneapolisDr. Isaacson appeared on Fox 9 (watch the video!) to discuss how an oral HPV test can determine whether patients have an oral HPV infection. Unlike other dentists, he is not squeamish in asking about topics involving oral sex with patients.

“Most people will tell you how much money they make before they tell you their sexual history,” Dr. Isaacson said in the interview.

What does testing entail?

It’s simple. You swish around a saline solution for about 30 seconds. Then, you spit it into the test tube. The sample is then sent to a molecular lab to identify any signs of the HPV infection. Lab results reveal about 10% of men and 4% of women will test position for the infection, but it does not mean you will have cancer.

The results will allow us to monitor the infection and determine whether action needs to be taken. When found at early stages of development, oral cancers have an 80 to 90 percent survival rate.

Please contact us today to take this test because it can save your life!

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