Looking for a comfortable and fast Minneapolis dental appointment?

Discover NuCalm – an all natural solution, without the use of drugs

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NuCalm is an all-natural way to achieve deep relaxation within just a few minutes of the beginning of your dental visit.

At Point Family Dentistry we understand how dental anxiety can play a large role in your experience at the dentist.

Using the NuCalm system, we can help you achieve true relaxation throughout your entire appointment -
without the use of drugs.

Tony Robbins recently commented on his use of the NuCalm system to Business Insider magazine.


How It Works in 4 Simple Steps:

  • An all-natural dietary supplement is used that interrupts stress.
  • Patches are applied behind each ear for micro-currant stimulation that facilitates relaxation.
  • Headphones let you listen to music that is not only soothing, but also has a proprietary neurocoustic software designed to help you achieve deep relaxation.
  • A light-blocking eye mask works to block out any visual stimuli and maintain your relaxed state.

No Side Effects. No Recovery Time.

NuCalm allows you to ride away on a wave of relaxation while our Minneapolis dental team performs necessary dental work. It provides a uniquely relaxing experience without the use of drugs, so there are no side effects and no recovery time needed. It allows our team members to safely perform complex procedures in what will seem like minutes to you under the influence of NuCalm.

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