TMJ Disorder is a Real Pain in the Jaw

Our total-health team uses the latest technology and techniques to treat TMJ disorder near Minneapolis and the surrounding areas.

Overcome Your Jaw Pain

Learn about conquering TMJ disorder today!

Our TMJ (temporomandibular joint) dentists understand the discomfort this disorder can bring, so we use non-invasive treatment to get your life back on track.

In this free download, you will learn:

  • How to get TMJ relief.
  • The symptoms of TMJ Disorder.
  • How chewing affects your TMJ.
  • The best foods to eat.
  • Habits to avoid.

Our goal of TMJ therapy is to reduce your pain, increase function, and improve your quality of life by using the most advanced technologies available in neuromuscular dentistry.

These technologies, matched with our dentists‘ extensive training and experience, make it possible to design individualized treatment plans with extremely successful results.


‘‘I truly appreciate the time taken to explain my unique situation. The TMJ handout and information was very helpful!

- Gary B., actual patient

Get Relief That Lasts a Lifetime

You may find it shocking, but 70% of TMJ sufferers are undiagnosed. Don’t be part of that number, get to know the symptoms.

TMJ Minneapolis


TMJ Minneapolis

Ringing In Ears

TMJ Minneapolis

Muscle Pain


We provide a number of options for TMJ relief.

Remove TMJ Disorder from your life.